Sex is Like Pizza

I have decided that the best metaphor for sex, is pizza.
And who wouldn't love that?

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The Naughty Forties

I set myself on a journey to become a confident woman sexually and learn as much about sex as I could. I had many years of catching up to do!

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Sexploration (A Lover in Vietnam)

What transpired that night, and the next morning too, was beautiful and multi-orgasmic for the both
of us. It was a free and open space of physical pleasure and exploration. It was completely physical
and free of any deeper emotion. I danced in both my masculine and feminine energies, I felt free
enough to step fully into my feminine energy which is not always possible with certain female lovers and he was also completely unafraid of stepping into his own sensual feminine energy.

There was a lot of playing and teasing and rolling around and talking dirty and also a lot that did not involve penetration at all.

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The Twelve Days of BLISS-MAS (Part 2)

After the anticipation build-up of days one through six, we're just about ready to PULL THAT CRACKER!

It's time to get a little raunchier...

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The Twelve Days of BLISS-MAS (Part 1)

We get so caught up in believing that when we receive pleasure we cannot just enjoy it without obligation to ‘return the favour’. This is precisely the thinking we are going to obliterate in the coming days. It is the Season of Giving, after all!

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Holiday Sex – The Essential Packing List

There is something special about the festive season that really does inspire us to get out of our tired old ho-hum rut when making love. It’s definitely the perfect time to get spicier. A little bit of preparation and a whole lot of open-mindedness goes a really long way.

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Tired Wife; Tired sex Life

It’s that simple.
I’ve had women actually cry in coaching sessions as I explain this to their partners, and the
men can’t believe that creating the space for intimacy in this way can be so effective.
Until they try it.

Add some real touch skill sets to a beautiful space to relax into intimacy, and you’ve got an
interested, vibrant and relaxed partner who can fully engage with you sexually.

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