Boobs, Bums, Bellies, Bikinis, Bimbos, Bodybuilders, Beauties, Beer Boeps, Biceps, Burnt Bodies….

All the B’s that present themselves at the Beach come summertime at the coast.

There’s the Big mama who wears a sarong (or is it a tablecloth?) draped and tied tightly around her neck yet hiding very little of her excess weight as the wind blows the cloth in waves over her large body.  The Baby at her feet sits happily swirling his chubby fingers through the sand.

Daddy clutches his Beer and judging from the size of his swollen Boep, has probably not let go of “beer in hand” since he sat at the wheel of his moerse 4 x 4 and hit the coastal road.

I glance up at my hubby and his mate who are mesmerized as they gaze at the Brazilian looking Bombshell who bares practically all in her slip of a thong bikini – her firm, bronzed Butt cheeks glowing and  rippling ever so  slightly as she strides along the edge of the surf.  I cannot deny she is sexy – memories of bygone days my man  – yes, I had the good Bum too once upon a time – which is now drooping further and further south – damn gravity!?

Her Boobs are luscious, perky and Burnt Bronze …. Kudos to her for enjoying her body and proudly displaying her beauty before her inevitable trip down south in the not too distant future.

She walks hand in hand with her Bodybuilder male friend who resembles a Bouncer – the type that pays more attention to his protein shake diet, his Men’s Health Magazine and gym time than to her – no turn on for me!

The Body conscious gawky teenager takes a tentative walk across the beach fearfully conscious that all and sundry are looking at her.  Hope she evolves into a confident woman who embraces her curves or lack thereof someday.

I would imagine many people have a love/hate relationship with beach time – baring one’s body creates vulnerability – a form of exposure many of us dread.   Bugger that – we’re all Beautiful, sexy human Beings – Beach time is fun time, sexy time, free to bare all time … let go and just BE!