Have we REALLY cum that farHave we REALLY cum that far


Perusing through the old, weathered section of my DVD store recently I stumbled upon a fascinating find, “Kinsey.”
This is the biopic of Professor Alfred Kinsey, credited as the founder of sexology.
In 1935, Kinsey delivered a lecture to a faculty discussion group at Indiana University, his first public discussion of the topic, wherein he attacked the “widespread ignorance of sexual structure and physiology” and promoted his view that “delayed marriage” (that is, delayed sexual experience) was psychologically harmful. Having been a student of Psychology and Physiology myself, I was so floored by the revelations in this film of the sexual mindsets and knowledge of people portrayed in this movie that I’ve done some further research on the topic.

Here I list some of the shockers:
1.) Oral sex, even within marriage, was outlawed in certain states in the USA. Those found to be practising it were jailed for being SEX OFFENDERS! (gasp)
2.) A common belief of this time (I’m talking 70 years ago, not the stone ages), was that oral sex caused infertility.
3.) Not only was masturbation deemed to cause blindness, it was classified by psychologists of the time as a behavior that lead to a diagnosis of being INSANE!

Have we REALLY cum that far

After years of interviewing people and compiling data on sexual experiences, Professor Kinsey published his theories in his first book, Sexual Behaviour of the Human Male, which shot to the bestseller list. Time magazine declared, “Not since Gone With the Wind had booksellers seen anything like it.”
He was an instant celebrity…

What I found extremely interesting is, however, that when he published the follow-up book, Sexual Behaviours of the Human Female, there was a public outcry. His funding by the Rockefeller foundation was cut. People boycotted his talks and questioned his research methods. Why the change of heart?
His wife in the film states, when Kinsey is flabbergasted by the response, and I’m ad-libbing here, “You shouldn’t be surprised. Here you are telling people that their mothers, daughters, even grandmothers are experiencing “sinful” pleasure. No one wants to know that!”

Makes you think, doesn’t it? Are we really, as a society, comfortable with the idea of women, besides maybe the porn stars in blue movies, experiencing pleasure? Is orgasm still a dirty word? How private should our private lives be? If we can’t talk about these natural behaviours and desires in our own homes… maybe that’s why we need a safe space like Boudoir Boutique.