Wednesday is ‘hump’ day! It’s the middle of the week – two days down, two to go. But – Wednesday is also ‘hump’ day: my sex day. As a single woman, finding decent regular sex can be a mission, so when I find someone who ‘does me right’, I do what I must to keep them coming back for more. Recently, I have found myself in a particularly convenient arrangement with a sexy yet sweet younger guy who has asked me to be his ‘sex teacher’. The age difference is 12 years. I don’t mind providing experience, and the women of this world know we could do with more ‘well trained’ men! Hey… somebody has to do the job! May as well be me.

He has Wednesdays off from varsity and I have them off from work. Each week, he and I meet up and spend the day indulging in delicious pleasure for hours and hours. It’s not a typical ‘booty call’ situation where the guy shows up, wastes no time getting down to business, gets his off, and then leaves straight after. We’ll sit down and chat for a while, catch up with happenings from the past week and somehow… it all happens very naturally, respectfully and affectionately. Two people appreciating the opportunity to embark on such a delectable journey.

In between our sweaty expressions of pleasure, we take breaks, go for an afternoon swim to relieve the heat of passion and give each other massages among other things. Another round or two goes by and then my virile, young lover needs to leave in time to miss traffic on his long drive home. We kiss each other good-bye, tell each other we look forward to the next week’s tryst and wish each other a good week to come. And then…exhausted… all I can do for the rest of the day is lie naked in my bed and have flashbacks of our bodies writhing, entwining, and sticking together; moans and groans of pleasure; salty kisses; his unshaven facial hair tickling my neck as he nibbled my shoulder, giving me goosebumps.

Oh, how I love hump day!