My first few moments, never mind days, of working at BOUDOIR BOUTIQUE saw my senses bursting with delight and wonder.

Before even learning about all the different toys and their fascinating features, I was already overcome by the enchanting smells and delightful colours, and I hadn’t even stepped into the lingerie room yet. Once my senses were finally grounded and I’d taken it all in I realised why they had reacted the way they did. You see, with the pressures of living in the modern world, not many folk have access to sensuality and sexual play on a deeper level in their everyday lives… (I’m one of the folk). It’s pretty sad because every being needs to be able to explore their sensuality and allow themselves to be sexually free. To me it’s a must and it’s a part of nurturing the spiritual self.

When I entered Boudoir Boutique as a new employee, I stepped into a magical space that showed me options and variety. My imagination was re-sparked after months of dullness. At the age of 27, I shouldn’t have been feeling ‘dull’ right? I should be a young spring chicken fluttering my feathers and clucking around? But no, life does not always work like that and I know that I’m not the only young person that has felt this way. I thank my lucky stars that the universe put Boudoir Boutique in my path. After a week, I began to feel my sexuality and sensuality in a new way and this was transferred and mirrored in other parts of my life. I not only played with my rabbit toy (which I confess was beginning to gather dust), I began to feel more playful in general.

Boudoir Boutique is much more than just a shop selling products to enhance ones sex life, it is a space that excites and entices. It’s a space that promotes choice as well as encourages women, men and couples to know what turns them on. Knowing what turns you on sexually can speak volumes in terms of knowing what turns you on in life!

Everybody needs variety. Everybody needs choice. Everybody needs to experience a space like Boudoir Boutique that allows you to pick ‘n play. From thereon, hey, maybe you will create your own opportunities to Pick ‘n Play? Just as I have…