The art of touch, have you been touched or touched someone yourself recently?

All life’s creatures connect and respond to any form of touching, be it a slight tickle, a light brush with the back of the hand, a firm grip, a pressured, strong movement using the palm and fingers, or the close body contact of a warm embrace.

Sensual Taurean me, shall, for today, refer to the sheer magic of the simple, yet powerful sense of Touch between humans – yes magic!
I realized recently how lucky I am to have a partner in my life who is very comfortable with touching. So much so, that some of my girlfriends thought he might be gay and that he was a horrible flirt when we first started dating. He would comfortably grip a male’s arm whilst in conversation, or, when introduced to a lady, would take her hand and place a gentle kiss on her palm, very charming “French “style. Some felt awkward and others very flattered. I found this characteristic in him very natural, unpretentious and appealing and it is one of the reasons I am still with him today 33 years later.

His touch still sends shivers down my spine. Although a lean and slight-built man, his strong hands and his embrace are very powerful energetically, and with his touch and caressing hands, he always makes me feel warm and fuzzy, whenever I am feeling down or am all knotted up and stressed out!

The art of touch –

Massage and touch is like food and drink in our household – with our large range of delectable Intimate Earth massage oils and massage creams for aches and pains. Sometimes it is really special to be able to touch and massage your partner and feel a connection energetically, which is both healing and relaxing, without the intention of a sexual encounter following. So many of the ladies that come into our store are drawn to our massage oils but insinuate that it would be a waste to buy them as their partner could not be bothered to massage them!

Well ladies, get the ball rolling – give him a good, sensual, healing rub – no need to always apply pressure – just start at the nape of his neck and explore his manly curves with your hands – and in all likelihood, he will reciprocate… hopefully, by massaging you first, before he gets turned on sexually!

I do hope I’ve encouraged you to Go Reach Out and Touch someone today …