We-Vibe Bloom Review – It’s BLOOMING Marvellous!

I am a strong advocate for Kegel exercises.

See what I did there, that little pun? BUT SERIOUSLY! There is a misconception that the only benefit of doing them is ‘for him’ in that you remain as ‘tight’ as a closed clam shell. However what we do not talk about often enough is that having the ability to control the muscle contractions and releases of your vaginal wall is what can make YOUR orgasm utterly mind-blowing.

Another benefit from using Kegel balls is that they are good for your libido. You can get aroused while the rumbles are massaging and working the muscles out, and it is FUN. Which, in my mind, is pretty much the last thing you expect from any exercise routine… You will WANT to use them (unlike the 5kg weights lying under my bed for these wingy arms).

It’s about as effective and entertaining as naughty text messages from your lover throughout the day… Yummy.

(And yes, there are health benefits too outside of sexual endeavours…. but seriously…. THE ORGASM ANTI IS UPPED TO THE MAX with a properly exercised pelvic floor! And…. did I mention THE ORGASMS?! 😉 )

Truth is, it is both boring and taxing to do these exercises without a little assistance from Kegel balls. Plus, I never really knew if I was doing them properly when I was introduced to them during pregnancy. Sometimes I would just feel like I was clenching my butt, or I needed to pee, and generally I would forget what I was doing halfway through and get distracted by…. well…. anything really. (I was pregnant. It was probably a sandwich).

So I have been using the Je Joue Ami balls for a while. They are GREAT (and safe to use during pregnancy!)

BUT THEN…. the clever people at We-Vibe had to raise the bar a little and create VIBRATING, APP-CONTROLLED KEGEL BALLS. What!? So I generously offered to grab a set and review them for you. How kind of me, right?


Upon opening the box, you will find the lovely coral pink body-safe silicone charging unit, which has a little ‘arm’ that will dangle outside of your body to make insertion and extraction easy. I hate this metaphor, but think about  tampon string. Ok, got it? Moving on.

There are three balls with different weights which screw on to the chargeable unit. You start with the lightest weight and work your way up as you get ‘fitter’. Also, super simple to understand.

But then there is the We-Vibe Connect App.

There is something quite exciting about the time waiting for a new toy to charge. And I used this to full advantage by downloading the We-Vibe Connect App on my smart phone. It comes pretty much as a standard feature on the new range of We-Vibe toys but this would be my first time testing it out. I was a little nervous about the tech wizardry, honestly. I am pretty old school and if something works, why complicate it with buttons and blue-teeth  and wi-fi’s and watch-ama-call-its?

But even this tech-not-so-savvy lass could easily figure out the functionality. Once the app is downloaded you connect your toy via bluetooth to your phone (there is a simple list of instructions to follow) and a light comes on. Easy-peezy.

So, with the app on your phone you can control the vibration modes and settings on the toy. You can create a sort of ‘play list’ which even has your favourite settings stored in the order you like it in. Clever, right?

This is great if you are in the bath (the toy is waterproof). Pick your settings on your phone and climb in the water and then you don’t have to fiddle too much (and if you’re anything like me, probably end up dropping your phone in the bath).

You can also change the settings manually on the toy with an easy one-push button if the app is not your thing BUT the added advantage is…. the phone is in your hand…. OR YOUR PARTNERS!

(Get where I am going with this….?)

The We-Vibe Bloom is BLOOMING MARVELLOUS for couple’s play in that way. Your partner can download the app, too, and operate it from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! (Whaaaaat!?)

So this beautiful Kegel exercise master has different weights, vibrations modes, is chargeable, waterproof, fun to use, has great health benefits, increases libido, AND to top it all off…. your partner gets to push your buttons in a way you really want.

Remember you can also use it as a clitoral stimulator, instead of ‘only’ internally.


I’d say that’s a five-star rating from me.

(Just a note here, internal vibrations are not recommended during pregnancy. Sorry ladies. But if you are keen to try them post-partum then I do highly recommend purchasing this nifty item)

Click here to purchase. Completely discreet packaging and payment, and free shipping!