So, it has been a while since my partner and I have played with “sexy time and love
stuff” in our boudoir.
I wanted to spoil us with something different, something we had never used before.
When I came across The Power Flower, I was rather intrigued by the look of her.
A petite vibrator shaped like a flower? How is this going to work, and will it be

Honestly, there is simply nothing on the market quite like it!
She is an elegant, sweet and playful toy, but ooh is she powerful!
Her soft Pleasure Petals, well…I would encourage you to experience them yourself!
They stimulate the clitoris and flutter exactly where they need to for the ultimate
arousing and OMG experience. OH, and Speaking of arousing, I tried the lovely and
natural Shunga’s Orgasm Enhancer, let’s just say I am converted and
now absolutely adore this range.
Back to what makes this toy my new favourite plaything…
For me it is the closest to oral stimulation as it can get, but with the added bonus of
vibrations and pulsations.

For the ladies that enjoy internal stimulation, the petals tease your g-spot too!
The G-spot is rather shy so I started with external stimulation and yes a little G-spot
Intimate Earth serum
(available at Boudoir Boutique) enticing this elusive spot to blossom (note the pun).
The Power Flower’s shape and girth are just perfect, not large and intimidating, but
snug and comfortable for all round internal pleasure.
With 12 sensational settings Power Flower aims to excite all women according to
their desires!

Not only is it gratifying for the ladies but it can be used on your partner too!
Spreading the petals as well as using the lighter vibrations to straddle up and down his
shaft, testicles and perineum, creates a sensational experience for him.
She can be used simultaneously whilst you are enticing him orally or with your hands.

Turn her around and she can stimulate your clitoris whilst you and your partner make
Your entire body is a playground, with erogenous zones waiting to be explored and
tantalized. As I am a sucker for being tickled and caressed, he used the tips of the
petals over the nape of my neck, over my nipples and down the centre of my back
before and during intercourse. This definitely heightened the senses and offered an all
round sensual experience.
Power Flower was created to make your bud bloom with orgasmic and all-round
pleasure, and it totally worked for me.