G-Plug Rose

G-Plug Rose

A Rose By Any Other Name….

I am going to go out on a limb here and state: this is the PERFECT toy for bum-love beginners.

If you, or your lady, is intrigued by the idea of backdoor play but a bit squeamish or scared, I cannot recommend the G-Plug Rose enough.

Shakespeare wrote ” a rose by any other name would smell as sweet” and, like Romeo, I was smitten at first sight by the G-Plug Rose. This little Juliet is pretty, really pretty, almost making you forget  its intended “sordid” use. This is especially important I think if you are being introduced to anal play. The feminine side needs to be catered to… and with some thoughtful design, this toy has the aesthetic factor down as well as the smoothest, softest silicone feel. (Remember, women are tactile creatures so touch is important).

Size, of course, is also paramount for first-timers. Just seeing a big, overwhelming toy (or even penis) can make one clam up completely, and the experience psychologically and physically damaging… Which can ruin any chance of anal play in the future, so start small! The G-Plug Rose is petite and pink…. Almost like you are being presented with a pretty flower for your butt! Perfect.

My only complaint is the awful storage baggie that Fun Toys provides. It’s ugly, with garish branding, and scratchy material. My Rose deserves better.  Also, I am spoilt because  at Boudoir Boutique we sell the most divine satin bags in elegant colours…. definitely pick one up when you procure your G-Plug Rose.

What sets this butt-plug apart is the 6-setting vibration modes. (You can, of course, start off with no vibration and only use these modes when you are ready). I am not new  to anal play, however I was intrigued by the added vibration. What would this feel like?

In a word,MARVELLOUS. Us women do not have a prostate, which is the lovely spot that really gets him going in the behind. What we do have, though, are massive amounts of nerve endings at the anal opening. This toy is deliciously fun to play with around those sensitive spots. To warm up, start from the clitoris, to the vaginal opening and labia, then take some time at the perineum…. and finally fool around at the anus. Much fun can be had with the different vibration settings all over this area, before even inserting, which will make sure you are relaxed and ready and oh-so aroused at this time.

And the internal vibrations are fantastic too! I found the best setting here is actually the one steady constant vibration. While pulses and waves are great for g-spot stimulation, that constant hum in your bum is to die for!

My only complaint is that the toy gets really slippery. I slather (as you MUST when exploring anything anal) large amounts of water-based or anal lube on the toy and anus beforehand. But then the toy tends to slide out of one’s hand when getting adventurous. Also the one-touch button is great,  but even that gets a bit tricky with the lube and anatomy, so keep wet-wipes on hand or a towel for this purpose.

Having said that, the G-Plug Rose does stay firmly put when inserted. And I found that additional manual stimulation with the good old hands or an internal vaginal toy (I didn’t want conflicting vibrations so preferred the good old dildo, but by all means go for it!), as well as double penetration with a partner, were all delightful additions to this superb toy.

(PS. He will LOVE the visual of the rose in your bud!)

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