Hands Free Pleasure…. with a JIVE!

The We-Vibe Jive is a much needed relief for cramping hands and fingers! This charming clitoral stimulator is wearable, freeing your hands to feel yourself, or your partner, and stretch and JIVE into full body pleasure. As someone who enjoys connecting my breath and senses to the lovemaking experience, whether solo or with a partner, I really relished in having my hands free while the Jive did all the work.

Favouring strong constant vibrations over different vibrational patterns, out of the 10 modes, I managed to stumble upon one that I really enjoyed – TEASE. The little tease took me to heights and brought me back down again so that by the time I reached climax, orgasmic bliss rippled throughout my body!

The Jive can be worn anywhere, doing anything. With the WE-VIBE CONNECT APP, your partner can control the settings from their phone while you’re in another room, or even in a public place. Ooo – La –La! This experience invoked a lot of giggles I must say, creating some fun in the intimate experience with your other half.

The head of the Jive can also be inserted vaginally for some G-Spot pleasure. I’d say the only faux pas with the Jive is that if you’re into playing with different pulsating patterns, you need to download the APP to change the settings if you’re wearing it internally.

Hands Free Pleasure

Reason being is that because the button to change the settings on the toy is inserted vaginally (the thin long part), you cannot reach the button. However, if you vaginally insert the head (big part) of the Jive for some G-spot tickling, the thin part is accessible and easy for you or your partner to change a setting. (See above image)

Alternatively, you don’t even need to insert the thin wearable part – just use the head for clitoral stimulation if you so choose! What a versatile toy!

With the waterproof feature, playing with the Jive in the bath proved to be a delicious endeavour. It made bath time that much more relaxing and the sensation of the water enlivened and revived my senses. As you can gather, I appreciate using adult toys as a way to experience orgasm for the purpose of pleasure, yes, but mainly I enjoy the relaxation that toys can bring to my body and mind. With the Jive all my stresses melted away and I was able to laugh it all off and reconnect!

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