Kissing Swan

Of all the playthings in stock at Boudoir Boutique, the Kissing Swan has had me drooling over it since I first saw it.

Over the past 13 years I have made use of a number of toys. Not one of them could pack the punch my trusty old rabbit did. He worked hard and delivered orgasms (after multiple orgasms) for over a decade. When he died recently, I was heart broken… but relieved at the same time because now I no longer had any reason to feel guilty about lusting after The Kissing Swan. It had felt like I was having an emotional affair with another toy, and with my old friends passing, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on in his replacement!

Imagine my delightful surprise when I received this beautiful rabbit as my birthday gift from the generous bunch at Boudoir Boutique the very next week. I put it on charge then and there with every intention of taking this baby for the test drive of its life when I got home from work. One step through my front door… and it was going to be chaos!

On first use, the Kissing Swan blew my mind. Multiple times. My new vibrating friend (with oh-so many benefits) gave me three of the most powerful orgasms I have had in my life. I’m pretty sure the Earth moved!

Everything about it is absolutely perfect. From the seamless, velvety satin medical grade silicone, to its sleek curves and wondrous vibrating lips that ‘kiss’ your clitoris, stimulating it either gently or with incredible fervour. The shaft tapers in an upward curve and is anatomically designed to reach your G-spot. All the better to pleasure you with my dear, as the shaft also has a rotate setting which is pure bliss at its slowest and fastest speed.

It’s incredibly user friendly: only two buttons to play with while you find your perfect setting. A quick touch of the bottom button turns those delectable lips on, and the top button will begin the shaft rotation. Depending on which button you hold down, it will either increase the vibration intensity of the clitoral stimulating lips, which is powered by PowerBullet technology, or the speed in which the shaft massages your G-spot.

After you’ve come back down to Earth from your orgasm/s, one quick touch on each button and your Kissing Swan can be given the rest she deserves after a job well done in her beautiful black satin toy bag.

As an added bonus it’s fully waterproof (bringing shower hour an entirely new meaning) and rechargeable. At least now I won’t have my housemates wondering where the DSTV remote batteries have disappeared to, while trying my best not to look guilty!

With an initial charge time of 12 hours, three hours is all it takes to charge this Swan up again when needed, which shouldn’t be too often as it also has a six-and-a-half hour run time – which is more than I can say for my smart phone!

More handy features include a ‘lock’ function or ‘flight mode’, which means while you’re travelling through airports, you don’t have to worry about your saucy luggage giving away your secrets. Not that it would – it’s so quiet.

Definitely my new favourite, I highly recommend this toy which has been designed with optimal pleasure in mind.

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