We-Vibe Sync


The We-Vibe-Sync has to be one of the best purchases I have ever made. Having selected it as a Valentines gift for both my husband and myself, it has offered us many hours of fun and pleasure.

Hot on the heels of the innovative We Vibe 4 Plus, it is a clever adaptation of its very successful, revolutionary predecessor. It is genius in every which way!

We have shared many an intimate, passionate adventure with each other since this U-shaped, flexible, yet discreet plaything has entered our bedroom. It now takes pride of place sitting in its smart white case fully charged, together with a separate Remote control, ready and waiting to join us in our next love making conquest.

Stimulations and sensations that can be best described as A TRIPLE WHAMMY!!!

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We-Vibe-Sync Review

The WE VIBE SYNC has always intrigued and appealed to me. I love the discretionary, U-shaped design, its flexibility and the smart white charging pod where it sits snugly together with a separate remote control. This allows for wireless recharging and also serves as a fabulous storage and travel case! I ensured that I had the plaything fully charged as per the suggested 24 hours before its first use.

And wow, from there on the sensations it offered were nothing short of a TRIPLE WHAMMY!

The We Vibe Sync has been specifically designed as a couples vibrator but I would recommend that you try it, as I did, for solo play too. It allows for both clitoral (external) and g-spot (internal) stimulation. After applying a touch of water based lubricant, it fitted ever so snugly and comfortably. The raised button on the toy itself is quick and easy to switch on and the 6 different vibration modes can be changed by a simple one click action on the separate remote control. With a bit of hand pressure on the clitoral area and a fabulous choice of settings, it offered orgasmic results.

Hence I could not wait to try it with my partner.

The powerful dual vibe motors are 40% stronger than the We Vibe predecessors and dual stimulation is felt in all the right places for both partners. With penetration I felt the fullness of both my husband and the vibe and titillating, additional pressure on my g-spot. My partner loved the vibration, sensation and snug fit. We played with the various settings alternating the remote control between us, and enjoyed them all. Eventually after having lost the remote control amongst the bedding in our excitement, we stayed with the setting we were on and tried varying and shifting positions with the toy still in place. Movement with the We Vibe is easy so it offers variety with each and every use. Each time we use it we try a different position just for the fun of it.

Moreover, it is fully waterproof so it allows for shower and bath time pleasure too.

All in all, a very versatile, completely hands-free, flexible, strong, effective plaything. Best of all, it can be shared and enjoyed together. It also stays charged for quite a while before it requires a “top up”.

The one downside for us was losing the smallish remote control amongst our white sheeting, but one can still easily operate the button on the plaything if this happens. We never bothered and stuck to the setting we were on instead of interrupting our Triple Whammy moment!

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