I must admit, for a long time I have been bored of my old sex toys as their outCUM
became too predictable. Even if I attempted to try and use toys in a different way, to
explore new sensations, I found myself going straight to my favourite setting having the
same ol’ orgasms and then…it was over. Now you might be thinking I’m nuts to
complain, but when you’ve been in this industry for a while, the novelty can sometimes
wear off.
Being accustomed to energy practices and aware of my chakras, I was feeling that I
needed to bring deeper awareness and connection to my sacral/sexual energy chakra.
So I decided to take a 2 month sabbatical from masturbation and sexual activity. During
this time I felt fantastic! My body felt stronger and my sexual energy was being
channelled towards parts of my life that needed creativity and rejuvenation. I therefore
experienced arousal as a full bodied sensation, rather than simply in my vaginal area.
3 days before my sabbatical ended, I was asked to review the Satisfyer PRO Plus
Vibration. For 3 days I closely examined the toy. The soft vanilla colour and easy to
hold handle appealed to me. I tried to imagine how the sensations might feel – the
suction felt like nothing much on my fingers so I was sceptical as to whether it would be
all that good on my clitoris. I also wondered about what the vibration and suction combo
would be like as I’d never seen anything like this before!
When the day arrived I wasn’t really in the mood to try the PRO, and just wanted to
snuggle up in bed. I bargained with the idea and eventually decided to cup the suction
nozzle over my clitoris (with a little bit of Pjur waterbased lube), JUST to feel what it’s
like… and Ooh-la-la, what a NEW and exciting sensuous experience.
I kid you not – I felt
like I was receiving oral stimulation from the world’s top oral sexpert!

The air pressure
wave technology fluttered and kissed my clitoris into divine, blissful orgasms – over and
over again.
Eventually, I introduced the vibration mode, which delivered additional wild
and glorious sensations to different parts of my clitoris. Oh how lucky we women are to
have such a diverse love bud. For over an hour I played and alternated between the 11
various suction settings and 10 vibration modes and loved feeling a refreshing flow of
sexual energy all over my body!

Overall this is a 5 star satisfactory toy! Order yours, today by clicking on this link: https://boudoirboutique.co.za/products/satisfyer-pro-plus-vibration/
The suction on its own can certainly be enough to start with, depending on your
preference. For ladies who enjoy additional G-spot spot stimulation, I recommend adding
a Straight vibe for some internal G-spot pressure and fullness OR for the full package of external suction and internal vibration try the highly
recommended Satisfyer PRO G-Spot Rabbit.