Come With Me – A Poem

Come With Me - A Poem

I want you to come with me

To that place that lies somewhere between life and death,

The place I go to when my body experiences orgasm.

I want you to come with me…

Step through the portal that separates us from being mere mortals

And births us as Gods for moments which are timeless and eternal,

In a rapture so aggressive and delicate.

Come with me

To the place that swallows my soul and dissolves my name.

When my voice is quivering with vulnerability and I whisper in your ear…

“Come with me”

Not only am I inviting you to cum with me, but I am inviting you to journey with me.

As I feel you inside me I can feel how you are tracing the road to this place,

Take me there and come with me,

Oh please come with me.


Let us deliver our flesh unto the quaking dawn of a new death and rebirth!

As I feel you inside of me

I know

that there is no one else I ever want to feel…

There is no one else whom I want to

Come with me to this place

This place is mine and now it is yours too

Come with me

Oh please





Can you not feel the urgency of my fingertips on your skin?

The heat of my breath that burns whirlwinds of passion into your flesh?

Can you not taste the haunting anguish in the sweat that seeps from my pores?

The anguish to be one with you?

Can you not feel the intensity of my soul that rages against you

as our pelvises thrust against one another?

Can you not hear the angels crying in a chorus of wildfire as I chant your name and cry out for God?

Can you not feel how heaven and earth shatter into oneness as I grab hold of your body and prepare you for our divine deliverance?

Come with me

Oh please my dear love


With me