As an Intimacy and Relationship Coach, and because I already have an affinity for working with different crystal energies, I was quite excited to extend my Pelvic Floor Practice into using my new Yoni Egg from Boudoir Boutique.

Yoni eggs are sensual in the most delicious of ways. The Egg itself is a crystal (I purchased a pure Xiuyan Jade one to add to my collection, but Boudoir Boutique has a selection of various crystals available) and is a beautiful object in and of itself.

However, the benefits of using a Yoni Egg are numerous. It’s not just a pretty little play-thing!

  • Tone the pelvic floor and prevent prolapse and incontinence
  • Faster recovery after child-birth
  • Heal sexual trauma
  • Increase orgasmic pleasure for both partners
  • Increase vaginal lubrication
  • Relieve symptoms of PMS and menopause
  • Reduce heavy bleeding, fatigue and cramping during menstruation
  • Can assist in infertility
  • Stimulate vaginal reflexology points and harmonise imbalances in the body
  • Awaken and cultivate divine feminine sexual energy

I do believe that all of these benefits are possible when setting the right intention, combining use with breath-work and meditation, and creating a daily ritual with your Yoni Egg (which is what we will be discussing in the workshop).

I started my journey with a meditation and warming the egg in my hands, connecting my energy with the crystal. I already was feeling more connected, grounded and purposeful from this simple act than just exercising the muscles with the usual weighted Ben-Wa balls.

Yoni Eggs are the Yoga of vaginal tightening and strengthening, whereas Kegel exercises and weighted Ben-Wa balls are the gym version.

As suspected, I am pleased to report; I really like my Egg.

I found it quite easy to hold the egg whilst walking around and thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of fullness and connection both inside and out when the crystal lay close to my womb.

Because of my work in Tantra and Taoist Sexuality releasing the egg was also fun, using my muscles to “pop” it out. There’s another option with those whose muscles are not yet strong enough included with the egg though! It comes with a tiny piece of string that slides into the egg and dangles on the exterior of your Yoni. So, when you are done you merely tug at the string and gently pull it out. I assure you, nothing is going to get ‘lost up there.’

Working those internal muscles and building a strong pelvic floor creates options for women who would like to learn advanced internal pleasure techniques for both themselves and their partners.

These Yoni Egg techniques can also build a stronger pelvic floor. This is very beneficial for women after childbirth as well as older women where the muscle tone may have begun to fade a little.

It’s sensual too, because it wakes up the internal vagina and massages the cervix depending on how deeply you work with the egg. Waking up the inside of the Yoni can improve lubrication and arousal/libido as nerves and muscles that are generally not touched or massaged are gently awakened through moving the body.

It’s such a wondrous & gentle way to awaken these muscles and create connection with your intimate self, that we are going to run a workshop on the Yoni Egg at Boudoir Boutique, and the eggs will be available for purchase.

The Yoni Egg Workshop will include:

 How to raise libido through working with your Egg

 How to train your internal muscles to increase your capacity to orgasm and pleasure your partner

 Developing your awareness of internal pleasure

 How meditation & the Yoni Egg complement each other as an internal Yoga

 You will receive a free guided meditation for use at home, snacks and refreshments, and Yoni Eggs will be on sale

I hope you’ll join us and create more self-love and/or pleasure in your relationship through learning what these crystal eggs can do for you! (email for more information)

With life and laughter

Anne-Marie Clulow

Founder of Intimacy Coach International