50 Shades of Play

We can all admit that E.L. James is no Pulitzer winner author, but her books have done more for personal sexual liberation this century than anything I can think of.

You see, the books provide much Creativity and Expansion on ways of making love for women and even men who were clueless about how to spice up their intimate moments. Christian Grey and Anastasia normalised the much taboo Bondage and Anal Play, removing the guilt out of these sexual activities. They also created freaky, fraternising fantasies for couples and lovers to play out, taking intimacy to another level. Exciting and revelatory right? Of course! But it shouldn’t end there!

While the 50 Shades of Grey books have liberated the sexual expression of mostly women, it is merely the starting point! 50 Shades of Grey can be a spring board or a template for new ideas for your boudoir.

Let’s not get lazy and wait for someone else to write another bestseller around sexual expression.

Get creative and embrace your 50 Shades, whatever palette you may choose. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be BDSM-based. What do you want to explore? Do you want to be more playful in the bedroom? Then play!

50 Shades of Play – Here are some ideas to shake your love-making up a notch:

1.) Nipple Pasties – make your body a work of blinging art!

2.) Fantasy Dress Up or Role Play – become a whole new character!

3.) Adult Board Games can be loads of fun and take out all the guess work for you!

4.) Read an Erotic Novel to each other and act out the scenes – we have a few delightful one’s in-store!

5.) Watch each other masturbate or use a toy on your partner – it’s like a threesome without the fuss!

Are you a gay man or woman, or possibly just curious? Apparently, you have the most fun in the boudoir but hey, there are still many more shades of Gay! If you want to be screaming YASSSS, then make it happen! Sexuality and sexual expression really do come in different shades. So let’s get creative, get down and dirty, or go vanilla if you want, and give Mr. Grey and Anastasia a run for their money!

Pop in to Boudoir Boutique at 67 Sixth Street, Parkhurst or peruse www.boudoirboutique.co.za to see what might tickle your fancy. I dare you to be bold and try something different. Write the erotic novel of your dreams, WITH YOU AS THE LEAD CHARACTER!

50 Shades of Play