A year ago I took on the role of a 40 year old.

My birthday meant saying good-bye to 39, and surprisingly, IT HAS BEEN AWESOME!

WOW how I have been looking forward to this milestone for so long! I have been divorced for just over 2 years now after being married for 15 (dull) years before that. During this time I had become this person I did not even recognize. I had no clue about ME as a person.

With all the talk about how a woman’s life begins at 40 mentally as well as sexually, I was excited for this new awakening.

I had many questions that I needed to know answers to and was ready for what lay ahead.

It has been an exciting time figuring out where I had been and where I needed to be. I had this inner soul that needed to get out and show the world who I was.

Being a very open-minded person (which I also only found out at 40) I set myself on a journey to become a confident woman sexually and learn as much about sex as I could. I had many years of catching up to do!!

I am glad to report that with the help of an awesome person in my life (and Boudoir Boutique) I have been able to experience and learn what I needed to, what I in fact yearned for. I have experienced more in this time than I did in the last 20 years.

I am honored to have been given this second chance.

To have met the most awesome people around me, and those still to come.

The moral of my story here is whether married, divorced or single, whether a spring chicken or a naughty forty, you need to keep yourself in the bigger picture.


Don’t become someone you don’t know anymore, and if you already find yourself there make a change in your journey. Never lose sight of ‘YOU’.

Also, learn as much as you can about yourself as a sexual being and surprise yourself as I did. There is so much wisdom in our sexual selves that can teach us about who we are as a human being.

The rewards are most exhilarating to say the least.

Don’t allow yourself to live with regrets…….

And last but not least: ROLL ON 50!!