The Twelve Days of BLISS-mas

Recently a young woman walked into Boudoir Boutique and boldly stated that she needs inspiration to learn how to be a more generous lover.

I was taken aback yet enthused by such a question.  It got me thinking that many people spice up their sex lives to get something out of it so why not, for a change, opt to be a completely generous lover without any expectations?

And what better time of year, it is the Season for Giving, after all!

Here are twelve tips on how to lavish your lover:

BLISS-Mas !!

On the 1st Day of Christmas I gave to my True Love…

  • Breakfast in Bed, for one

There is a definite link between scrumptious food and delicious sex! Cater to your partner’s nourishment in every way.

On the 2nd Day of Christmas I gave to my True Love…

  • Two massages on 2 different parts of their body

A must-have item is some massage oilor a flavoured lubricant. As it shows that you have gone the extra mile and planned ahead. And do not let them return the favour!


We get so caught up in believing that when we receive pleasure we cannot just enjoy it without obligation to ‘return the favour’. This is precisely the thinking we are going to obliterate in the coming days.


On the 3rd Day of Christmas I gave to my True Love…

Put your favourite sexy song on and take your time peeling off the 3 pieces…but there’s a catch! NO TOUCHING ALLOWED! The restraint and discipline required is such a turn-on…

On the 4th Day of Christmas I gave to my True Love…

  • The 4 must-haves for bath-time bliss: scented candles, bubbles, petals and music

Draw the bath and allow your partner to unwind a while. You can then climb in with them and introduce some touch by gently washing and kissing them all over.

On the 5th Day of Christmas I gave to my True Love…

  • Five Raunchy Text Messages

Never under-estimate the power of the ‘sext’! It shows your lover that you are thinking of them in the wildest way possible while they are not around, and this gives such an affirmation and endorphin boost.

Tell your lover five progressively sexier things you would like to do to them, spread out across the day, and let them squirm!

On the 6th Day of Christmas I gave to my True Love…

  • Six Licks!

Paint some edible chocolate on 6 of the erogenous zones and slowly lap it up. Some ideas are the nipples, back of the knees, collar-bone, neck, hip bones and belly-button. Yes. That’s six. And no, we are not going to the genitals, yet…..


On that note, please enjoy part 2 of The Twelve Days of Bliss-Mas