The Twelve Days of BLISS-MAS

After the anticipation build-up of days one through six, we’re just about ready to PULL THAT CRACKER!

It’s time to get a little raunchier…

On the 7th Day of Christmas I gave to my True Love…

  • Seventh Heaven

Blindfold your partner and let them feel you take control in whatever way you like! The challenge for you is to bring your partner to climax without any stimulation for you. Hands are a good start, but this is the ideal time to introduce a toy*.

On the 8th Day of Christmas I gave to my True Love…

  • A Figure of Eight

A handcuff reminds me of the number 8, so on this day allow your partner to lock you up and have their way with you! Trust me, by this time you will be gagging to receive some pleasure, too, but also remember that your lover will be delighted in having free-reign! You should discuss a safe word and boundaries, but other than that, give your lover permission to play with you.

(These Leather Handcuffs from Boudoir Boutique are my absolute favourite)

On the 9th Day of Christmas I gave to my True Love…

  • Nine Minutes of Oral Play in a Mysterious Place

But, remember, do not let them reciprocate! Allow them to enjoy their own pleasure. Encourage them to instruct you along the way telling you the way they want it – sensual, raunchy, slow, fast…more of this, less of that… AND OBEY!

(Check out our Oral Pleasure Lipgloss to add a whole new dimension to down-under love)

On the 10th Day of Christmas I gave to my True Love…

  • ‘Ten Things I Love About You’

Remember that iconic movie? A short and simple way to express the true essence of how you feel about your love. Write a ten-worded poem of how much your love means to you. Read it aloud to them.

If words are not your thing what about a ten-song playlist?

On the 11th Day of Christmas I gave to my True Love…

  • DOUBLE ONE – Repeat one of their favourite days so far

This sounds like a cop-out but it definitely is not! The act of knowing what they like and following through with action is what giving is all about.

On the 12th Day of Christmas I gave to my True Love…

  • DING DING! It’s the 12th Round!

Congratulations, you have made it all the way, and today we go all the way. Lavish your partner and allow them to ravish you. You deserve it 🙂