Tired Wife; Tired sex Life

Tired Wife

Biologically, the chemicals that flow through our veins are not exactly the same for men and women.

I once chatted to a transgender client who had been on hormones for over 3 years
and she said to me, that in her experience that on testosterone she felt emotions in black
and white and on estrogen she felt emotions in every colour.

As she was someone who had travelled a life path in two different hormone and chemical
structures, I recognized there could be much understanding in this.

It’s been said that Viagra changed the world for men, as the loss of libido could be corrected
with a chemical, and that the person who invents the same for women will become wealthy
beyond their wildest dreams.

Yet women are just more complex than their chemicals.

Because they see the emotional and sexual spectrum in colour, you can’t just adjust one
chemical element or colour and expect the entire rainbow to be turned on!
There are layers, even in the way women perceive their environments. For eons, women
have had to be hyper aware of their surroundings, creating a multilayered way of caring for
small darting children and a way to organize the home without clutter or what’s seen as
psychological “noise”.

There was a recent article in Psychology Today, that women in a
perpetually messy, cluttered environment produce more cortisol (a stress hormone) than
men do in exactly the same environment.

That’s so important, I’m going to repeat it. In EXACTLY the same environment.
There’s a reason that a clean, uncluttered, child-free space is often the best foreplay for
women, and it’s based in our chemical and emotional make-up that lies beyond just taking a

A tired woman is one that will not prioritize sex, as she is still needing to tend to her
environment and the work involved in that. With men, its stress that relates directly to the
loss of libido or erection.

It sounds like the same issue, but it’s not. “Tired and stressed” is a catch phrase we use,
obviously related, but they are not the same thing. A tired man will often still have sexual
desire, sex is fantastic stress relief for men, but a tired woman?
Women don’t work the same way.

A tired women adds sex to the list of chores that need to be done, as sleep and rest is more
important to her body, especially if she’s tired and stressed out by her environment that is
nagging at her to be cleaned and decluttered before she can relax.

A clean home is the lingerie of the woman’s sexual fantasy!

So, if a stressed man wishes to improve his partner’s libido in order to have more sexual
intimacy, he needs to cater to the optimum conditions for creating the zone for her libido to

Creating an intimate space where there’s nothing for her to do but relax.

And just taking her to a different environment while there’s still chaos at home doesn’t
completely work, as there’s still psychological “noise” about knowing what she faces when
she gets home.

She may relax best with no chores, no children knocking on the door and no mess to clean
up. As relaxation is the key to awakening her full orgasmic potential (the most pleasurable
long lasting orgasms are achieved by activating the parasympathetic nervous system, the
“rest and digest” system) anything that leads to this full release of relaxation can ignite the
libido response.

Sometimes she just needs a really good night’s sleep and a clean house.

It’s that simple.

I’ve had women actually cry in coaching sessions as I explain this to their partners, and the
men can’t believe that creating the space for intimacy in this way can be so effective.
Until they try it.

Add some real touch skill sets to a beautiful space to relax into intimacy, and you’ve got an
interested, vibrant and relaxed partner who can fully engage with you sexually.

The more she engages, the more likely a man is to release stress and enjoy renewed
intimacy and pleasure.

A fully receptive, eager and pleasured woman, who willingly sexually engages with her
partner is one of the best intimate stress relievers for a man.

It’s also highly erotic.

It’s a win-win situation instead of some sexual zero sum game.

Try it. It’s a new version of sexting to say “Hey baby. I’m going to have the house
professionally cleaned, send the kids to the babysitter for the weekend, and let you sleep in
on Saturday”

She may cry.
It’s not sadness, it’s relief.
Touch her gently under those conditions, and a whole new intimate life of pleasure lies
before you.

A. Clulow