We-Vibe Gala Review

Are you keen to explore the wonderful world of multiple orgasms?

Welcome, to the Gala event! This palm-sized powerhouse is fast becoming my go-to choice in my toy box. And here is why.

I find that there are two distinct ways in which I like to masturbate. The ‘quick-release’ and the ‘slow romance’. As with partner sex, sometimes a fully-clothed quickie with your knickers wrapped around your knee is just what you need. And sometimes there’s more intimacy, eye-gazing and exploration required.

The design of this toy has two ‘ears’ that perfectly hug your clitoris while pulsating to your choice of setting. This creates targeted and all-encompassing stimulation, so the Gala can get you there, super fast. This is ideal for women who struggle to orgasm, and honestly in my mind is even better than the ‘wand’ style playthings that have been so popular for years.

And once that first contractive, powerful orgasm has rocked through your body (I found it literally only needed a minute), you can either gather yourself up and get on with your day (smirking from ear to ear) or slow down the pace and really start to explore the world of your clitoris! Also, get to know the toy a bit better, too. Remember it comes with the revolutionary We-Vibe app (where settings can be controlled via Bluetooth from your smart phone)

Something a little extra that I enjoyed about the design of the toy is that it reminded me of a tongue. Cunnilingus fantasy and motions abound if you play with it rhythmically all over! And I do mean all over. Nipple tease and play is fantastic, as well, especially if your nether regions need a little recovery time but you aren’t ready to stop playing, yet.

Here are a few more things that are good to know:

  • Because it is magnetically charged, the We-Vibe Gala is fully waterproof. The combination of warm water relaxing you while you play is the ultimate stress-buster!
  • The ergonomic design fits neatly in your palm and can be used in either direction, so vaginal entry from an internal toy or your partner is definitely possible.
  • The We-Vibe app when loaded on your phone means that this toy is ‘remote controlled’ – so your partner can hold the power in his or her hands, as well.
  • You can also create a sort of ‘play list’ stored on the app of your favourite vibration settings, in order. So it really takes the guess work out of it, ESPECIALLY when you just want that delicious release delivered.

All-in-all, a stellar play-thing. She gets an 8 out of 10 from me.

(10 out of 10 if combined with the deep uterine orgasms created by my favourite dildo. Hey, what can I say, I know what I like … )

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